Wilmette Open Lands

Current Conservation Opportunities

Elmwood Dunes Preserve

Currently there is a preservation opportunity for an acre of Lake Michigan shoreland. The Village of Wilmette is working towards a preservation plan and Wilmette Open Lands is in support of a minimalist approach. We believe design can have a significant impact in maintaining a passive use, sensitive to nature and neighbors.

The parcel is located at the end of Elmwood Avenue, just east of the intersection of Michigan Avenue. It is approximatley one acre that consists of level upper bluff, bluff land, a level transition zone and beach dunes.

In addition, to the Lake Michigan public access that is provided by this platted right of way, this parcel has historical significance as it is the location of the first Village of Wilmette sanctioned public beach. Further, this is this first record of Louis Gillson taking an advocacy role for public access to Lake Michigan. Louis Gillson, namesake of Gillson Park was the first Park District President and was responsible for Wilmettes public beach areas of today.

Below you will find the recent nature plan for the upper bluff zone of Elmwood Dunes Preserve.

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